The Father

He is both hip and health checked, with a calm temperament and importantly from a generous mix of out crossed heritage including antecedents from Russia, the USA and Spain to ensure there is no inbreeding and the possible increase of health issues. Black in colour with the huge block shaped head with a square muzzle which defines the breed. We flew to Lisbon to meet the breeder and her dogs and were met at the gate by Avatar. He was calm of nature, yet imposing, neither aggressive nor threatening, but inquisitive , pacing up and down he established his forceful presence as guardian of his own yard. I immediately appreciated the potential of crossing his line with Azzurra in size, shape and colour (grey brindle) which should create some gorgeous, athletic and agile Cani Corso Ready to become part of your life in their role of family protection guardians.

Azzurra’s puppies will be raised as part of our large family on an open farm which will give them the best of beginnings, socializing and mixing with not only a multi-generational family, but with cats, chickens etc. just as Azzurra herself has enjoyed. Cani Corsi are affectionate, intelligent and majestic dogs whos appearance alone is your family’s first line of defense.