The Kennel

Our Farm

  • Name: BlueBlood Portugal
  • Plot Size: 7000m2
  • Location: Algarve

The most important aspect is to ensure that we consider the right bitch for breeding, and using the most compatible stud to match the female, in order to maintain the health and wellbeing of the breed, strong and athletic, not too big or oversized!

Using years of knowledge, we continue to research the potential of health and breed under the best conditions, and, if we don’t know we speak to other quality breeders in the CaneCorso ‘community’, which works to insure against future problems such as epilepsy, bad hips etc which some lines of Corsos, or Corsi, which have been bred without such stringent research.

Basically - we do the research so you don’t have to !!

Equally, as a genuine and caring breeder, it is imperative to us that you are aware of the requirements required of you. Your puppy will require a fair, but not necessarily firm, hand; for you to be caring and consistent with your training, which will ensure that your puppy will grow into a dog which will be a great addition to your family, a true home guardian, and will definitely make you proud.

CaneCorso are large dogs who require plenty of physical activity, exercise and mental stimulation, they are recognised as highly intelligent and require the leadership of an owner who is both confident and loving.

This is an are exceptional breed of dog, their trademark has been described as cool competence, noble, loyal and eager to please. The fact that you are reading this demonstrates that you are already in love with these family protectors and faithful friends. We began studying the Cane Corso breed in 2014, finding the perfect stud took many many months of research, we finally decided to go with Avatar, son of Dark a “true champion”, from Marta Demas Kennels, who is highly respected across Europe, having many years of experience breeding CaneCorso. Her dogs are of the highest standard and we are keen to continue the bloodline.

We have no doubt that due to this very particular selection their puppies will be of the highest standard, being loving, brave, stable and loyal exactly what a CaneCorso should be. A true family guardian !!

The stud is Avatar son of Dark, therefore, both have pedigrees of the highest standard, regal, strong but lean, ready for action a true CaneCorso, specifically chosen from Marta Demas Kennels a lady with many years of breeding and showing, with an eye for producing great beasts, whom I admire and aspire to reach her standards.

It’s all in the bloodline, as we do not accept second best, we only want champions at our kennels that’s why our studs are The Best !!

Royal Blood CaneCorso - Regal and athletic ready for action

Our high energy dogs are well proportioned, with the traditional Italian look

Raised with our large family, Nana, Grandad, myself, the wife and two children, chickens the neighbours, goats etc, here on our small, two acre farm situated on the Algarve, where they live alongside livestock, and are socialized from an early age, and so there is always someone or something for the dogs and puppies to play with or learn from.

We believe all puppies need to be introduced to as much variety as possible in order to ensure they grow into stable and happy dogs, and in our humble opinion, this really works - they love it! After all these dogs were bred for farm life - it’s literally in their blood!

Here at our farm we have owned CaneCorsos and been learning about the breed since 2014.

We have 5 spacious, purpose built kennels, plus a very pleasant 70m2 covered area, designed to meet the REQ FCI standards. We have built a separate birthing area, with a puppy run, away from the other dogs. There is a puppy sensory run, which is used once the puppies get active, and will help to improve confidence, and includes mini obstacles, water, ramps , tunnels and different surfaces to play on.